« The result is magnificient » L’événement du Jeudi – Alain Duault

« An amazing and unique tour de force » Le Figaro – Pierre Petit

« The result is astonishing... Here is a bet brilliantly won... » Répertoire – Laurent Barthel

« A translation combining lightness and elegance with gravity. This recording should be acclaimed as a success. » Diapason – Jean Roy

« A performance and a success...For each concerto, the composer’s style is valorized with finess – vigorous eloquence with Beethoven, transparent brilliance with Mendelssohn, Lyric ardor with Brahms and exacerbated pathos with Tchaikovski. » L’événement du Jeudi – Alain Duault

« A wager both ambitious and courageous, taken up with integrity, dignity, brilliance and enthusiasm. » Diapason – Jean-Michel Molkhou

« Beauty filled with sound, clear  attacks , breath of phrases, everything caracterising a hedonistic sound combined with active intelligence of the works  finds a complete correlation with the orchestra whose sound is like a phalange which must be counted with. The disk is a pure pleasure. » L’événement du Jeudi – Alain Duault

« a high class solist. His warm sounds are full and volorized... and unlike many of his young collegues, is matched to a  great poetry... For instance, a superb Havanaise and a no lesser Faure Berceuse ... ;  this high standing disk will seduce you by its coherent programme » Répertoire  - Philippe de Souza

«Arlésien has always Chico, the former leader of the Gipsy Kings, travels the world ... For El Amor Flamenco, Chico has combined classical and flamenco. Rehearsals with the sextet interference were colorful! » Gala

« A student of Aranud Lehmann at the Conservatory of Nancy, Stephanie Grevedon-Baroth won the Sadler grant for music. After citing her gold medals, her acceptance at the CdeP and mentioned her wish to join a famous orchestra after her studies, M. Burgard borrowed a saying from the great violinist Jacques Thibaud in exhorting her to « Play sky blue ». She did do so for the mini-concert whcih follows. Interpreting a Paganini concerto movement. » L’est Républicain

« Nice result of a constant  individual and collective work, demonstrating the certain talents directed by Arnaud Lehmann., professor and orchestra conductor in this context » L’est Républicain

« In a class room, the teacher speaks, the pupil soaks up his words. Arnaud Lehmann, violinist and professor at the Conservatory NAtional of Region of Versailles, plays with just the right words and notes.

Just what is needed to lead the pupil on the road to perfection. » L’indépendant

« Musical tales : Aladin, a fabulous idea » L’est républicain

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